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Do you need floor tiles? Do you need wall tiles? Want to redo your home or office?

Before investing in tiles, it pays to know which tiles will best serve a particular area. Will the tiles have to cope with a lot of activity? Scratch resistant , versatile, water resistant and environmentally friendly with unlimited colour, style and shape options, your ceramic and porcelain tiles add character to any room or home. Latitude Tile & Decor supplies a wide variety of quality designer wall and floor tiles as well as natural stone cladding that are used to create stunning indoor and outdoor decor effects and features for homes, offices and shops.

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Meet Lettie, Bianca & Our Team #Latitude Tile & Decor & Our Mascot

Latitude Tile & Decor was established in 2006 by Lettie Taljaard. She has been in the industry for over 19 years and have featured in several magazines. Bianca Taljaard joined Latitude Tile & Decor in 2006. She has been in the industry for over 14 years. Our passion is Decor and combining textures & colours for a phenomenal end result. Q:How can we help you?

We Supply

  • • Cladding
  • • Slate tiles & Slate Roof Tile
  • • Tile Adhesive & Waterproofing Grout
  • • Pool Plaster & Screed
  • • Travertine Tiles, Cladding & Mosaic's
  • • Edge Trims
  • • Custom made bullnoses
  • • Laminate flooring & Vinyl Flooring
  • • 100% Waterproof Skirtings
  • • Heated towel Rails
  • • Sandstone tiles & cladding
  • • Porcelain tiles / Non-slip porcelain tiles
  • • Salt & Pepper Tiles
  • • Ceramic tiles / Non-slip ceramic tiles
  • • Large Varity Mosaic's
  • • Art & Craft Mosac's
  • • Taps
  • • Wallpaper
  • • Cornices
  • • Free Standing & Build in Baths
  • • Basins
  • • Natural Stone Sealers and Cleaners

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Question Our Clients Freqently Ask

  • What is the best way to determine whether a tile is suitable for floors or walls?

    As with any product decision for your home, it's important to select the right tile for the use you have in mind. Although you can easily use a floor tile on the wall, not all wall tiles are suitable for floors and able to withstand the impact of foot traffic, high heel shoes & other floor-intense action. PEI Rating: though will help you evaluate your ceramic and porcelain tile choices. This system was developed by the Porcelain Enamel Institute and indicates a tile's resistance to abrasion and likelihood to wear under use. It is the most effective way to determine how suitable a particular ceramic or porcelain tile is for its intended use.

  • What rules are there for selecting tile colour?

    Selecting tile colour is ultimately a personal choice. However, here are some guidelines:
    1. Light tile colours can make spaces - especially small ones look larger & airy.
    2. Dark tiles colour can make spaces look smaller & warmer.
    2.1 They also hide dirt. Which is a plus with a home filled with many children & pets?
    3. Warm colours such as ones with yellow, orange & even reads can add a feeling of warmth to a room.
    4. Cool colours such as blues & greens can make spaces feel light & refreshing.
    5. Neutral colours can create a backdrop for bold accessories that you change or update regularly.

  • What are lastest tile design trends?

    This is an exciting time for tile designers as you see from the wide range of tile styles displayed in the Classique Floors, Showroom. Current Design Trends you will find when you visit include:
    1. Large formats, especially rectangles.
    2. Wood & Stone Tiles
    3. Glass mosaics
    4. Brick design tile & Many more

  • What general tips for selecting tile for your home can you share?

    Latitude Tile & Decor general tips to consider as you select your tiles:
    1. Think of your tile purchase as an investment in your home & future rather than as a cost. Quality does matter.
    2. A neutral tile can become more interesting if you break the design up with a border or decorative tile inserts.
    3. Always purchase an additional 6-11% more tiles than you actually need. This ensures you have the same shade should you need to make repair later on.
    4. If you select natural stone tiles such as travertine or marble, be sure to ask about how to seal and maintain the tile to avoid staining.

High Quality Products

Latitude Tile and Decor supplies you with High Quality products at the best price, availablilty. We are suppliers of Geberit, ISCA Taps, Grohe, Libra, Dado Baths, Jeeves Heated Towel Rails, Gio Designer Bathroom Accessories, Gio bella.

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Think of your tile purchase as an investment in your home & future rather than as a cost. Quality does matter.
Warm colours such as ones with yellow, orange & even reads can add a feeling of warmth to a room.

Suppliers of


Geberit South Africa.


Let Life Flow.


Quality, technology, design and sustainability.

Libra Bath

A legacy of Quality.

Dado Baths

Timeless Luxury, Enduring Quality.


Heated Towel Rails.

Gio Bella

Designer Bathroom Accessories.

Living Stone baths

Living Stone baths.

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